Building Permits

A building permit is required to be purchased for any structural change made to any property in the Village.  This includes upgrading or changing the materials.  Some examples of work that requires a building permit are: new buildings (even if portable), room additions, adding or removing walls, removal of buildings, adding cabinets, etc.  You will need a permit if you change the size or materials of these items:  windows, doors, driveways, decks, shingles, siding, etc.  For instance, an upgrade to architectural shingles or vinyl windows would require a permit.   The permit process must happen BEFORE you begin your work.  The permit fee is $20.  You can obtain your permit by contacting Marcia at the Village Hall, 248-2737. Permits are approved at our monthly Village Board Meetings.  Not getting a permit carries a fine of $200 along with the permit fee if you start before you receive an approved building permit.   If you have any further questions concerning these areas, we suggest you contact the Village Office at (608) 248-2737.