WARNING!! THIN ICE on Goose Lake.:  Goose Lake is now much deeper and there will be thin areas of ice.  Please, for your safety and the safety of others,   STAY OFF THE ICE.  Especially children.  We do not want anyone to be injured or worse.  Cochrane Village Board

Village of Cochran

Weather in your area

Mon, 27 Jan 21°F 31°F Foggy starting in the afternoon.
Tue, 28 Jan 16°F 27°F Foggy until morning, starting again in the evening.
Wed, 29 Jan 17°F 30°F Foggy in the morning.
Thu, 30 Jan 18°F 31°F Foggy until afternoon, starting again overnight.
Fri, 31 Jan 20°F 35°F Foggy throughout the day.
Sat, 1 Feb 23°F 35°F Foggy in the morning.
Sun, 2 Feb 23°F 37°F Foggy until evening.
Mon, 3 Feb 23°F 43°F Windy throughout the day.